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"I am over the moon impressed with the quality and one on one care you receive here. I actually have for the first time in years high hopes that I will finally feel better after my treatments are finished and be healed finally. They seem to have one goal in mind here ; treating you! Their treatment plans and goals stands out from most of the other money hungry companies that pro long your pain and keep you coming back for years. I would give it this company a 100 rating instead of a 5 if I could! Keep up the great work !"
Dec 16, 2021

OSPT was the right choice for me. One patient to a therapist. The therapist monitored my progress and gave me undivided attention during my visits. I had surgery for a dislocated shoulder. I decided to try OSPT of L/A after trying another facility where it was hard to book appointments and there were multiple patients to each physical therapist. My shoulder is back to 100% thanks to OSPT. I was so pleased with the care, when my son had a sports injury, I brought him there as well. I highly recommend OSPT to everyone. 5 Stars.

Michael - Operations Manager

I have utilized OSPT of L/A several times during the past year. Shan Teixeira possesses the latest skills in physical therapy. But, what sets his practice above others, is his ability to listen to the "problem" and his explanation of treatment options. Coupled with flexible hours for appointments and open communication with my physician, makes OSPT the very best in Central Maine.

Peter G., Exec. VP, Geiger

I have known Shan Teixeira for several years. He was my therapist at a local physical therapy clinic. I was very pleased and proud when I heard he had opened his own practice. My husband and I have both received his treatments and find him very competent, caring and interested in helping to treat our various problems.

Patricia M., Retired

I had been going to OSPT for severe chronic elbow tendonitis. My therapist, Shan Teixeira, is very knowledgeable of my condition. He always takes the time to explain why any discomfort was felt and why certain exercises or movements would help. I would like to thank him for all that he did for me. He is very caring and understanding. OSPT gives excellent care in all aspects of therapy. The office is excellent and answers any questions that I may have. I would highly recommend that if anyone needs a physical therapist to go see Shan. I have been to a lot of physical therapy places in the past, but none quite like this, with exceptional care and friendliness. Well done!

Rachel L.

I was involved in a car accident and had been suffering from constant pain at my arm, neck and shoulder. I was sent to Shan at OSPT by my physician. Shan has special skills and really listens to what you have to say and is very gentle and patient. I have regained my flexibility and now feel much better. I really appreciate Shan's help.

Duy Bau P., Esthetician

I have found that Shan Teixeira's technique in reducing my muscle spasms and tendonitis have helped me tremendously. He is a caring physical therapist who listens to my problems. I highly recommend Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy of L/A.

Barbara R., Endoscopy Nurse

At age 76, I finally decided to try some physical therapy for my lower back pain. Truthfully, with my history of arthritis and long standing back pain, I was skeptical how physical therapy could help. Amazingly, through stretches, exercise and moving my joints, Shan was able to get me moving again and I no longer experience the pain which had, at times, been completely debilitating. Were it not for his expertise, I am certain that I would still be suffering from back pain today.

Gerry B., Retired Plumber